The importance of teaching Jiu-jitsu as a complete and comprehensive martial art.

When most people here the word Brazilian jiu-jitsu they associate it with a sport which has two people rolling on a matted Tatami area wearing  judo style suits . This could not be more further from the truth and the Essence of jiu-jitsu Taught at the Eddie Kone Academy of jiu-jitsu. That said we are completely in support of any sport which promotes healthy lifestyle and all of the benefits that come with it. We are very proud to have come from a lineage of Grandmaster Helio Gracie and his sons, we are also honoured to teach what was and has been taught to us not only by Grandmaster Helio Gracie but his sons too. At our Academy we Teach Jiu-Jitsu from the perspective of self defence, so what do we mean by this?. By the above we are talking about the jiu-jitsu which would give a Normal (Non Athletically gifted) person confidence and the ability to defend himself should he or she be attacked by an assailant on the street and when going to the ground is not an option.

Let me put this into perspective, If jiu-jitsu is being taught at your school with ground grappling  as its only objective or form of self defence then you are learning a sportive style of This amazing Martial art, let me also say that for those whose only objective is to compete and win medals then this is the perfect place to train.

From the moment a potential student comes to our Academy we make it clear that if winning medals and become sports jiu-jitsu champions is what they are seeking then our school may not be the best for them, that said in our Association we have both European and world champions but this is not our primary focus. From the start we make it clear to all students what they are learning is Helio Gracie Jiu-Jitsu which was and is still a complete art of self defence the areas the students will cover are Striking,Clinching,TakedownsThrows and ground grappling.

We believe that students should be given the complete package and not be falsely mislead into believing they are learning an art which would save there life where the only option they have is to take the assailant to the ground and apply an armlock.

There recently has been much debate over Gracie jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian jiu-Jitsu and are these 2 different things or the same?. The above mentioned points are just a few details which are differ between the 2 and that doesn’t mean right or wrong it only means do your  research and find  the correct school and teacher  which is offering the best classes and training for you. At our Academy we have a no politics approach to training and regularly have students visit from different schools to learn what they believe is not being taught at there school.  Above all know the reasons you want to train and don’t be mislead.








Author: Eddie Kone Academy Of Jiu-Jitsu

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