Know Your Roots !







The Roots of Jiu-Jitsu begin with the warrior class, After the Feudal Period in japan ended Jiu-Jitsu was no longer needed on the battle field, A way to practice the art realistically was needed which is why the Late Jigaro Kano (2 Below Pics)

(1860-1938), An educated man and  Asian member of the International Olympic comitte and practitioner of jiu-jitsu developed his own version of jiu-jitsu in the late 1800s called Judo.

(Above) Extract from Metamoris/Gracie Academy.IMG_5875





The Kodak institute of Judo was founded in 1882 by Jigaro Kano, the founder of Judo. Today it is an 8 story building in Tokyo.

Below the Gracie connection practicing jiu-jitsu, Brothers  Grandmasters Carlos and Helio Gracie.IMG_5873

Below a very Rare video of Jigaro Kano judo display.



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