EKBJJ Association welcomes EKBJJ Mexico

Over the past few years the EKBJJ Association has grown internationally  with interest from all over the world.

The main objective  of the EKBJJ Association is to spread  The Gracie Jiu Jitsu lifestyle and help people understand our art in its complete form.

A long time student of the Rotherham Academy in the UK recently relocated to Mexico where he wished to maintain his training and spread our art to share amongst the people of mexico.

Paul Farley is a purple belt with many years teaching and training directly with Eddie Kone he has a technical approach to teaching and has a great deal to offer the residents of mexico.

Now the EKBJJ Association has spread to mexico im sure there will be an abundance of EKBJJ students and coaches lining up to go there and train.

Anyone interested in training should contact Paul Farley directly please check out the link below.

Eddie Kone and the whole of the EKBJJ Association are proud to formally welcome EKBJJ Mexico to our family.





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