EKBJJ Fighter Receives Blue Belt Last night From Professor Eddie Kone

Last Night Saw the first implementation of EKBJJ Association New Blue Belt testing Module.

EKBJJ & MMA Fighter Tanat was put through his paces at the London HQ.

Accompanied by the Assistant coaches 2 Brown belts and 3 Blue belts Tanat was pushed to the limits in over an hour of testing which ranged from  30 mins full on sparring match no breaks with a fresh fighter coming in every 2 mins open weight.

Followed by technical knowledge of up to 30 Techniques which included Self Defence- and sport jiu- jitsu, Guard passing submission defence and philosophy of jiu jitsu.

Professor Eddie Kone said

” Gone are the days of just handing out belts, students at EKBJJ have to earn there rank, They have to feel a real sense of achievement, its not about how many comps you win or how great a fighter you are there is much more to the art we call Jiu-Jitsu both on and off the mat.I want each and everyone of my students to feel when they receive there belt they are confident to wear it with pride and honour anywhere as it was earned through Blood Sweat & Tears “.

Below are some pics from the test.ImageImageImageImage


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