Bloodline fighter wins big in Chicago

Lisa McCallam vs Maria Messer


Round 1

McCalllam takes center and inside and outside leg kicks from Mcallam.  Strikes from Messer and an overhand from McCallam. McCallam putting together some nice combinations using inside leg kicks.  Messer hasn’t really put much together. And now she come forward and McCallam responds  McCallam is scoring with a double jab overhand combo. And Messer now putting her face out toward McCallam hands down telling McCallam she can’t hurt her. And now Messer with some one/two combos.  And now the ref stops the fight for a tape problem with Messer’s fight.  And the fight is back and McCallam is now coming forward.  Some very nice striking fro Messer now and Messer coming forward.   McCallam again coming forward with the overhand right and scores.

Round 2

McCallam coming hard again with those inside combinations.  Meser is now coming forward again. The left leg of Messer is clearly red and MCCallam continues to work it.  Messer hasn’t realy woked much of anything sinced the beginning ofr the round and now a kick from messer. And some faints and fakes from McCallam.  Messer lands a jab and now starts to trade and McCallam comes back and trades as well.  Messer is beoming the first to strike and McCallam is trying to come back every time. McCallma is managing the center of the cage.  Messer trying to stay on the outside and now a right hand from Messer lands square.



Round 3


McCallam begins the round by asking the crowd to “come on “ looking for cheers from the crowd.  Messer comes forward with strikes and McCallam gives back some strikes.   Another inside leg kick from McCallam and Messer is now trying to avoid the kick as McCallam keeps coming forward with single inside leg kicks. There is a welt on the forehead of McCallam.  McCallam is pressing the pace and as Messer attempts a push kick McCallam catches and comes back striking.  McCallam is still coming forward and striking the lead leg of Messer. We are in the last few seconds of the round and messer comes forward again, but McCallam strikes back.  The round ends as Messer throws a tornado kick.


At the end of three rounds all judges score the bout in favor of Lisa McCallam over Maria Messer. Judges score the bout 30-27

Everyone at Bloodline fight team and EKBJJ wish to congratulate lisa on her win and we are all very proud..



Author: Eddie Kone Academy Of Jiu-Jitsu

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