Paul Morgan from ATHY BJJ Was in london and attended a training session at the EKBJJ Association headquaters in london, Paul had the chance to train with some of the london team and Eddie Kone

Eddie was very surprised to see paul who is a great guy with solid BJJ. Eddie will be in Ireland next month hosting seminars .

Eddie said “Great to see students visiting from all over europe and the world to  train with us , it shows we are really moving forward in spreading the concepts and philosophys of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

In the past few weeks fighters world class fighters from romania & poland  have come to the academy to train.


Author: Eddie Kone Academy Of Jiu-Jitsu

Come in today to experience the gentle art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for FREE! This free session is intended to give you a taste of our art with no obligations necessary. Simply turn up to one of our classes and take advantage of our completely Free Introductory lesson, a Certified EKBJJ Team Coach will be more then happy to show help you within the class. We also welcome you to invite a friend or family member. Enjoy this limited time offer to try jiu-jitsu in one of our friendly classes absolutely free!


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