Came across this, makes some really good sense.

Are you familiar with the term, “The Blame Wheel?”

It’s a business term that describes how people create a blame association pattern to justify poor performance and failing to achieve objectives and goals.

If you need a visual description of the Blame Wheel (and how it works), imagine the big spinning wheel that they use on the “Wheel of Fortune” Game Show, where contestants spin the wheel to determine what dollar amounts each letter will have.

I know what you’re thinking… that may work for a game show, but how does it fit into grappling?

If we modify that wheel so that it becomes a “Grappling Blame Wheel” (replacing the dollar amounts with excuses why a grappler underachieves), we can see why so many grapplers never reach their training and competition goals.

For example, here’s how I think the typical underachiever’s Grappling Blame Wheel would look:

– Instructor only teaches basic techniques
– Instructor has lower belts teach classes
– School only has classes 3x per week
– School doesn’t participate in local competitions
– Teammates are a-holes and mean on the mat
– Teammates don’t want to drill after class
– Work too many hours during the week to train
– Can’t get out of house to train due to family commitments
– Spouse or significant other hates it when I train all the time
– Not enough time during the day to train the way I should
– Classes cost too much to train enough to get good
– Instructional DVDs that will help cost too much and won’t pay for what’s free online

Take a look at all the “reasons” mentioned above and tell me if you noticed something (or someone) missing from this list.

That’s right… the grappler DOES NOT appear on that “Blame Wheel” anywhere, especially when they should be included in entries like:

– Too lazy to go to class
– Doesn’t pay attention and misses key technical details
– Know-it-all and don’t know when to shut up
– Doesn’t drill the movements outside of class
– Rather spar than drill so that you can brag about who you’ve tapped in the locker room after class
– Doesn’t want to be anyone’s training partner, especially when you’re tired and might lose
– Never ask your instructor how to practice at home or when on travel
– Always looking for “free gold” and too cheap to invest in a product or instructional DVD that will help

That would be a more accurate “Grappling Blame Wheel” and more closer to the truth as to why many grapplers consistently underachieve.

How do you fix it? Create the Grappling Blame Wheel that you’ve used in the past to justify why you couldn’t train. Once you’ve realize that you’re not as “blame-less” as you thought, you can come up with a plan to workaround all those “reasons” and keep moving forward.

found this from the wise grappler………


Author: Eddie Kone Academy Of Jiu-Jitsu

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